About Me...

I am a Software Engineer by profession. However my interest and love lies in Photography. I enjoy taking pictures and when I am doing it, I forget everything. This is one thing which gives me immense pleasure. I enjoy doing macro photography most. I enjoy landscape and nature photography too. Recently I have started with portraits and am really intrigued by the challenges.
My first SLR was Canon EOS 300, a basic film SLR. Experiments with it made me more curios and interested in the art. Recently I have managed to put together a decent kit. I am now enjoying the art even more.

Thanks to Suni (my beautiful wife), who has encouraged me all through, I believe I have become a decent photographer. She has been my pillar of support. She has been my critic (although I feel she is too soft on me). What I am today in life is because of her.

I have a Son - Advaya, a naughty guy - who is very keen on photography too, but right now he is not allowed to touch my cameras. But he does experiment with his point and shoot!