Monday, October 15, 2012

My Observations in the East

I recently went on a vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. One of my pass times is to observe people. In this trip, I found I was observing the various devices that people use for photography and also different mannerisms of the native people (both oriental and Indian origin)and tourists . So here goes

Photography Related Observations

  1. Oriental women use following devices for photography (in that order)
    • Cell phone/iPad (Yes! iPad for photography!)
    • Point and Shoot
    • Interchangeable Lens System (Sony NEX Series and Olympus PEN Series)
  2. Oriental men prefer (in that order)
    • Point and Shoot
    • DSLR (Mostly Nikon or Canon, saw a couple of Pentax and Sony. No Olympus DSLR)
    • Interchangeable Lens System (Sony NEX, Olympus OM-D and PEN. Yes! OM-D is more popular, in m view, than PEN with them)
  3. Western tourist prefer Only point and shoot. I saw only a couple of them using DSLRs. No Interchangeable Lens system
  4. Indian men tourists mostly prefer DSLR (with popup flash on! ;-))
  5. India women tourists prefer cell phone or point and shoot
  6. Indians who have settled in Malaysia and Singapore do not take photographs :-)
  7. I found that people don't prefer using tripod. Both in KL and in Singapore, during my night shoots, I found only couple of tripods apart from mine.

Other observations are

  1. Oriental native women chat/text while walking. Not sure how they can see the road, but they manage not to bump into people.
  2. Oriental native men prefer playing games on their cell phones
  3. All of them have latest smartphones. Samsung and HTC are the preferred brands. iPhones are few and far in between.
  4. People of Indian origin who have settled there prefer to talk over phones more than oriental natives.
  5. Indians do not prefer oriental restaurants. Oriental people (mostly natives) seems to love Indian food.
  6. Westerners prefer china town eateries to Indian joints.