Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Durga Pooja and the AMAZING 35-100

This is festival season in India, and what better place to test my 35-100 than the stage performances of beautiful dancers. This festival is called “Durga Pooja” in which the Hindus worship Goddess Durga (who symbolizes destroyer of evil).
Unfortunately my beautiful and fast E-30 is out of commission right now, but had my trusty, but slooooooooooooowwwwww E-P2.

This experience taught me 2 things
1. Why E-3/E-30 is an absolute essential for this kind of photography
2. Why 35-100 is best in business

E-P2 - The so called "High Speed Imager AF" or CD AF is not really high speed nor is it accurate. I had over 50% AF missed result in the entire shoot. It was frustrating to see the moment and miss it again and again. It has never happened to me with E-30.
However, the frustration with E-P2 was more than compensated by F/2 35-100. This lens is just AMAZING!! I don’t have words to praise it enough.

Having berated E-P2 so much, I must say that under normal lighting condition (eg. Landscape photography) the AF performs quite well. And the IQ is definitely one of the strong points. All pics have been shot between ISO 800 and ISO 1600. The IQ was very very good, although I applied minimum NR using Noiseware, I feel the IQ would have looked cool even without it.

I wanted to share this experience because I was extremely happy with my investment in 35-100. I LOVE IT!!

Here are some of the pics

Durga Pooja -019 Durga Pooja -030
Durga Pooja -039

Durga Pooja -043 Durga Pooja -053
Durga Pooja -059
Durga Pooja -061
Durga Pooja -090

Durga Pooja -093 Durga Pooja -091

One more thing I learnt from this experience was that how respectful people become when they see you walking with 35-100 on any camera :-D :-D

I hope you will enjoy the slide show