Tuesday, December 8, 2009

E-P2 – The Test Drive!


Sepia Test - Pulaski Skyway?

Finally!!! I got my E-P2 yesterday evening!. Last night we went to the mall for the first test drive and today I took it to office in NYC for the second test drive! Boy am I surprised & pleased!!! The pics straight out of camera are pretty cool!
Most of the pics I have posted here are straight out of the camera taken as Small-Fine and Small-Super-Fine JPEGs. I have touched up only those pics which I took through thick glasses in my office or through train window.
I did shoot in RAW + JPEG, but i didn't have time to process RAW and couldn't wait to post the first test pics!


Verdict: Although not as powerful in terms of spec as my E-30, yet it packs an amazing punch. Its image quality combined with its small size is really something to kill for.
The Viewfinder is fantastic even in very very very low light, simply a great piece of engineering & design.
The LCD is unlike E-30's because on a very bright day I have difficulty using Live view as I cant see anything on E-30's LCD. but E-P2 LCD is fantastic.
The 3 FPS is pretty jiffy and doesn't lag much.
My first reaction is E-P2 has better dynamic range than E-30. But this is a non-scientific statement, its just what I concluded looking the pics.
IS is amazing! Al my office night shots are hand held @ 2 sec or 1.6 sec.
The focusing is not too bad if you are a patient man on standard grade lenses (better than my Evolt-330). Focusing is pretty fast on High Grade lenses like 14-54 and 12-60. For the kind of photography I do, I don't think I will have a problem with E-P2's focusing speed.
High ISO performance is fantastic. it clearly trumps E-30 here.
AF-tracking is ok - nothing extraordinary about it. probably will good for shooting small children.

White balance is amazing! I think its better than E-30’s WB,

A view from my office - NYC

Something I noticed: If the face-detect is on then the camera was not able to focus on close subjects if background had too many things, it always focused the things in the background. But without face-detect, I could pretty much get it to focus on any kind of subject.

A view from my office - NYC

Best features I liked - Dynamic range, View Finder, high ISO performance and IS

Features I would Like - A way to use flash and view finder! :-) well I knew it before I bought it, but still I would have like this feature.

 Chrysler Building

Here they are!

You be the judge!