Sunday, March 8, 2009

Resurgent India? – I think so!

Being an Indian, its difficult not to sound like a fanatic (faux) patriot or worse, a clichéd politician when you want to write something positive about India.

I like to think I am neither. So hopefully my thoughts wont come out as their tirade, when I pen them down.

Make no mistake – I know exactly what we still lack, where we lag. But, I think, that doesn't and shouldn't take anything away from the impact we have globally now.

Until recently, I believe, Indians had this defensive mentality that bogged them, especially in international arena at a group level and also at individual levels.

I think we always thought of ourselves as second class when comparing ourselves to western/developed world. This was quite evident in the way our team (cricket team, obviously) used to behave when we traveled outside. They were apologetic when somebody sledged and they were apologetic when they happen to win (if at al!l). But now, we look them in their eyes and not afraid to give a bloody nose or two, if it comes to that. And look what it has done to the morale and our winning streak!

Similar observations can be made at an individual levels too. About to 7 to 10 years back, deputation outside India in countries like US, UK, Australia etc was considered a “prestigious” affair. I know people of my generation for whom coming out of India and being US or UK was a dream come true and something to be proud of.

But now, I see things have changed. Its no longer considered “prestigious” to travel abroad. Its now just a job that needs to be done. Similarly, people now don't crave like crazies to settle outside India, if anything, they want to go back.

Previously the parents used to literally fall over themselves to get “foreign settled” groom for their daughters. Now, NRIs have not only lost their sheen, they probably come across as an unsettled lot, if anything!

Its really heartening to see the Indians interacting here in US with their American counterparts. The old self doubting, self-deprecating ways seem to be long gone. You can see & feel the effects of emerging power.

When I was a kid, I always admired the old Soviet Union and the USA for their superpower-dom. I always used to think how the people in these countries must be feeling to know that they belong a powerful nation?! I knew they must realize that they are powerful and how good it must feel!

Now I know how it actually feels, I can feel people from these countries actually sitting up and taking note of what India says. And That to me is biggest HIGH!

To think that world economy is almost completely driven by 2 Asian giants is as good as it gets, when it comes to bloody noses! :-)