Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trip to Washington

Suni, Adi and I went on a 2 day trip to Washington. It was probably the best trip we ever had together. And the only reason I can attribute that to is that, we really ensured that we enjoyed the moment rather than thinking about the "fringes".

Fringes are the things which seem extremely important for exactly one second. If you take them out of your mind for that second then they are no longer of any consequence. But if you give them importance, then they will start controlling you. Fringes come in may forms, like if you are 30 seconds late for the bus. Or if your kid takes 13 seconds more to tie his seat belt than usual.

So now you have been warned - BEWARE of the "Fringes". :-)

Enough about the fringes, let me tell you about the trip.

Our first stop was Independence Hall, Philly. We saw an old looking bell which fascinated Adi a lot because it was broken and he couldn't believe why they didn't fix it!


Our next stop was Baltimore sea port. It was one of the most scenic ports I have seen. Very nice indeed.


Next Stop was Washington DC

A beautiful historical city, and very clean too! Complete opposite of NYC, unfortunately :-(

The whole tour from Air & Space Museum to Capitol Building to White House and then the Hotel....fantastic experience. Suni loved every bit of it and so did Adi and I did too. My only regret was that I didnt have my favorite DSLR with me. But my Kodak V610 (of which I had a very low opinion) did a much better job than I expected, except in low light where it was simply terrible.


Adi and I enjoyed Science museum, I especially enjoyed the site of all missiles which I have only heard of or seen in pics so far. It was awesome.

Puru & Suni - Washingtom

Monument is a unique structure. Very photogenic from all angles and at any time of the day!

Next day was for all the memorials.

The Jefferson Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, Korean War memorial...

 Jeffferson Memorial - Washington Lincoln Memorial - Washington
Korean War Memorial - Washington Lonely Path -2 - Washington

Apart from all this, the trip was more memorable because Suni and I enjoyed and cherished each moment of each other's company. Nothing in this world can beat that. :-)